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Yuengling Neon Sign

This vibrant neon sign is splendid for your beer cave! The version of you neon sign extends an 17 x14 giveaway lamp in a bright neon hue, a new but facetious edge with this nifty sign. "are you hunting for a special occasion gift? Then this beer cave lamp is for you! It's a bright, neon green, that will add a bit of fun and excitement to your space.

Yuengling Beer Neon Sign

Looking for a beer sign that is both stylish and delicious? Search no more than the beer neon sign lamp, this lamp is produced from 17 inch glass and imparts an 14 inch height head. It is likewise flame retardant which is extra special because we use in some of our businesses, the light sign is finished with a bright neon white. It is excellent for a modern or scene and is dandy for bringing out the flavor of your beer, our new crab neon sign is a beneficial sign of life in our man cave. This sign features a neon crab and battle-ready battle scars, symbolizing the blood spilled for our company, plus, the bright yellow and red color scheme is sure to turn up the heat in your battle- programmable corner of your room. This neon light sign is top-rated for a beer bar! It is adding a little bit of fun and excitement to your place, and your customers will appreciate it, this neon sign is a top-rated addition to each room or hallway. The sign is produced out of 20 x16 acrylic beer lamp glass and is center-hung with a neon light signal.