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Vintage Miller High Life Neon Sign

Looking for a stylish and functional neon sign for your store? Look no more than our Vintage Miller High Life neon sign, this sign is exquisite for your store as it is stylish and functional. It is a fantastic addition to each themed store, and is sure to make your store look modern and sleek.

Miller High Life Neon Sign

This neon sign is a beautiful, Vintage style sign which is 18, 5 inches wide x 16. 5 inches long, it is fabricated of wood with a bright, neon green and white landscape image on it. The sign is manufactured to light up in the dark, and features an 22 inch impact made from marbles, Miller High Life neon signs are top-notch addition to all room. They are creative and stylish, and will add a fun and extra level of excitement to your space, this Vintage neon sign in an is of interest to those who grove on to mill building and enjoy the company of their favorite retro books. The lightup sign is produced with neon made history with its amazing neon Miller neon signs, this one is a must-have sign for any high-functioning mill or house. This Miller High Life neon sign is a rare classic sign, it is fabricated out of durable plastic and provides a Miller High Life beer girl on the moon neon light up sign marquee bar style. The text on the sign includes a more text that notes "on the moon? Yes please! " and "might make a fantastic design for your marquee bar! ".