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Tesla Neon Sign

The Tesla neon sign is an unique sign that features a Tesla car and a neon light show, it is 8 x12 inches and will add an unique accent to room.

Cheap Tesla Neon Sign

The Tesla neon sign is a statement sign that stands out and is fun and bright, it is manufactured of durable materials and is designed to last. This sign is a sterling addition to your garage or home scene, this Tesla neon sign is an exceptional addition to your game room, garage, or man cave. The sign presents 16 led lights that project a warm, positive energy that helps people feel welcome and at ease, this sign is superb for a business, hotel, or any other occasion that needs a bit more light and warmth. This Tesla neon sign is a fun substitute to add a touch of fun to your garage or game room, the sign can light up to indicat the current volume of music playing in your room, and it can also light up to indicate the current amount of petrol in the tank in your garage. The sign can be customized to catholic churches to add your own religious symbol, this Tesla neon sign man cave game room is top-notch for when you want to spend some time with your friends or relaxing after a long day. Upstairs you can find this Tesla neon sign man cave with a bar and game room attached, which makes it a top-grade place to spend a quick moment or two, across the room there's a small table with some Tesla neon light sign man cave games you can play on the that feeling more energetic. Lastly, there's a couple of comfortable chairs inside which makes this Tesla neon sign man cave valuable to relax in.