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Takashi Murakami Neon Sign

Takashi murakami's neon sign series is one of the most and latest on the trend of custom sign decor, this led neon sign is sterling for any gift giving occasion. They come in many different colors and styles, so you can find one that is top-rated for your needs, they are also made to be very visible and are sensational addition to each room.

Murakami Neon Sign

This neon sign is top-quality for your gift wall! The flower is a favorite symbol from Takashi murakami's work and is now available in a bright, bright white, this neon sign is a sterling addition to each room and great for the modern visual visitor. This neon sign flower is fantastic for a gift wall decor custom sign, with its colorful neon sign flowers, you'll have of people to be surprised with your gift! Our Takashi flower neon sign is a stylish and trendy sign for your home décor. This fluorescent green and yellow-green neon sign is puissant for your teakettle or water bottle, with its flower by Takashi led neon sign, you'll be able to show your theme or message with ease. This beautiful led neon sign is first-class for your gift wall decor, this beautiful sign is fabricated with high-quality plastic and effortless to order and turn around.