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Taco Bell Neon Sign

Looking for a trendy and stylish neon sign? Don't look anywhere than the Taco Bell express sign, it's a first-class addition to your retail store and will add a bit of fun and excitement to your store.

Taco Bell Neon Sign Walmart

Introducing a top-grade solution for open neon signs - Taco Bell drive through signs - our vintage neon sign can handle any sign size you need, is basic to order and sensational for open neon signs with 28 wide, 31 tall or 27 inch circumference. Plus, effortless to clean and is sure to get you attention, this tacos Bell neon sign is unrivalled for your retail store display only. It is produced with bright, bright yellow Taco Bell eyes and numbers, making it a show-stopping addition, the Taco Bell drive thru open neon sign is a first-class addition to your Taco Bell store. It is 28 wide and 31 tall and is manufactured of dark neon green plastic, it is produced of plastic and grants a white light up top. The Taco Bell drive thru open neon sign is a top-notch surrogate to show off your Taco Bell store and how modern and modernized it is, this vintage neon Taco Bell sign is 28" wide, 31" tall and is produced of metal. It is produced of plastic, but it will last you if you choose to handle it.