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Sailor Moon Neon Sign

This beautiful neon light sign is fantastic for a smaller room or wall art, the Sailor Moon neon sign provides an 14 x10 size and is fabricated from acrylic. It is height-adjustable and presents a different color for each leg.

Sailor Moon Neon Sign Ebay

Sailor Moon neon sign light is a sensational addition to your Moon sign design, this sign offers bright stars and a Moon neon sign light. It is manufactured of plastic and is white in color, this elegant is terrific for any Sailor Moon fan! With its 20 vivid led lights, you can choose to light up your time travel theme park any which way you want, as long as the neon sign is in use! This lamp is additionally very straightforward to set up and take down, even for a complete novice led light maker. This vibrant Sailor Moon neon sign was created out of 14 x10 glass, made from hand-made techniques, it is fabricated with a neon light system and an 15" on-off switch. The sign is on a small wall in a small room and renders a small sign in-game factor, the design is conjointly a good addition to a small home or office space. This neon sign lamp is top-quality for your next event or celebration! With its vivid led light technology, you can create a powerful and bright led sign lamp that will make everyone feel like they are on the moon! This lamp is furthermore available in a light weight acrylic design, so make your event or celebration complete with a neon sign lamp from Sailor moon.