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Russian Neon Sign

Our Russian neon sign is a powerful symbol of socialism and it features a bright led light neon sign and moves with the beat of the music, this sign is an enticing symbol of a good time and will add to the decor of your store.

Top 10 Russian Neon Sign

This led light neon sign is manufactured of durable plastic and imparts a green light that indicates the sign is original and in practical condition, it is using 150070 Russian display light orange symbol which stands for "estate of the Russian republic". It is manufactured of strong plastic and provides a bright, dark, and light up color, it is about 15 inches in height and extends a warm, red, and green color. A sign with a Russian neon sign in the center, the sign is 150070 Russian display led light neon sign. This sign is produced of plastic and imparts a blue and red neon sign on it, the sign is fabricated of metal and gives a blue and red neon sign on it. The Russian neon sign is a beautiful, led light neon sign set that is top-of-the-line for any political commentary task, with its iconic and and als, it is a splendid addition to all political or social group.