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Pepsi Cola Neon Sign

Pepsi cola neon sign lamp is perfect addition to your drinkiverse, as it is made of artifically created plastic and has a bright neon light that is perfect for any area of your pub. With an indicator light and a auto off feature, this lamp is perfect for when you don't have time to turn on the light.

Pepsi Neon Sign

Peeps neon sign is amazing! It makes a bright and cheerful tone in your room and makes people feel at home. It's perfect foroteric and any type of room decoration.

Best Pepsi Cola Neon Sign

The pepsi cola neon sign is an open neon sign that means it is still in use by the community. The cave 23 light advertising glass is a small, but noticeable, feature on the sign. The sign is made of durable plastic and is about 23 inches in height. This neon sign is made from65# stout beer that was popular at the time this sign was made. The sign is 31* diameter and has a bright red chili pepper on the front. The back of the sign is blue with a yellow letter "p" in a yellow circle. This acrylic neon sign lamp is a beautiful addition to any pub. It is made from 14" real glass handcrafted acrylic, and is activities like beer drinking or lightening spotting are just a few of the activities that can be enjoyed with this sign. This incredible neon light beer capcola sign frompepsi is a stunning addition to any home or office! It is made of durable plastic and features a bright pepsi sky blue color, making it a unique and iconic piece! If you are in the market for an anniversary or special occasion gift, this neon light beer capcola sign is a great option!