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Neon Sign Power Supply

Looking for a powerful electronic Power Supply for your neon sign project? Don't search more than the led sign Power supply! This Power supplies 10 kv 30 ma transistors for use in neon signs, making it sensational for folks needs, it features vac Power Supply jack, so you can take advantage of incoming Power from you plus, the sleek, bright neon sign Power Supply can be attached quickly and easily with the included screws.

Neon Sign Power Cord

This neon sign Power cord is a dimmable 5 kv 30 ma neon light sign Power supply, it consists of an electronic transformer ballast and a neon light sign Power supply. The neon light sign Power Supply provides up to 3, 5 amps of Power to your neon sign, which is many times more than is available from a standard Power cord. This neon sign transformer requires an 3 kv transformer to work, the transformer imparts an electronic Power supply, a rectifier and a switch. When the sign is turned on, the rectifier and switch turn the sign on and off, the neon sign is again connected to the Power cord by an 3 kv transformer, this neon sign adapter accepts 5 kv 30 ma standards and supplies Power to your equipment with a rectifier. It provides outstanding operations with neon glass signs, the neon sign is a powerful and easy-to-use neon sign Power Supply that can provide 7. 5 kv 30 ma-110 vac 5060 hz 550 ma neon sign electronic transformer Power supply, this sign Power Supply can convert any mini-power Supply to a proper operating Power level. It comes with an one-year warranty and can be used with compatible neon signs.