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Mcdonalds Neon Sign

This neon signs and the latest in a long line of white-hot restaurants that have set up shop in the fast-food chain's man cave, the yellow neon advertising clock and restaurant diner are just what you're hunting to add a little bit of color and excitement to your space. The man cave yellow neon advertising clock is an unrivaled finishing touch to each area of your man cave.

Mcdonalds Neon Sign Ebay

This is an original Mcdonalds neon sign from 1950 it is a porcelain sign and is in original condition, it is moreover a valuable addition to your kitchen or restaurant. This neon sign is signed and number 26 x32 inches, and is displaying a Mcdonalds sign from the future, the sign is a bright neon green, and features a child sitting on a led light breakfast caddy, and the words "n/a. " the sign is produced of white, green, and black paint, and is ultimately 8, 5 inches wide x 6. 5 inches wide, the sign is authorization no. and grants the company's logo in the center, the sign was originally bought at a yard sale, and now serves as a key piece of art and history. This large neon drive-through sign is valuable for an unique restaurant design, it is manufactured of durable plastic and imparts a lime green color. It is first-class for an unique and popular restaurant, this sign is a best-in-class addition to area. This Mcdonalds neon sign is from 1992 and is meant to represent can enjoy the benefits of a neon tan towel while eating at mcdonald's, the sign is white board and offers a neon chili sauce on one side and the words "cheesy chili fries" on the other. The sign is in exceptional condition and imparts only been used once.