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Guinness Neon Sign

Looking for a new Guinness neon shamrock clover neon light sign? Look no more than this 17 x14 beer lamp bar, this work of art is sure to make your wine or beer dreams a reality. With its innovative design and bright colors, lovely day for a Guinness parrot toucan led 3 d neon sign is sure to set you apart from the rest, so, go ahead and take your business to the next level.

Guinness Neon Sign Ebay

This beautiful guernsey sign was created using 20 different shades of blue and 16 different shades of green, it is fabricated from hardwood with a blue and green and a neon light system. The sign will light up when your desired beverage is served, and it is available in two sizes - man cave or beer bar, this beautiful guernsey style sign is with 2 or 4 colors with a bright neon light sign on top that reads: "welcome to the final stop on our toucan neon light " the sign provides 20 x16" ability to enjoy some fresh air before heading to the next destination. Perfect for any who wants to show their side! This new Guinness neon sign is a top-notch addition to your beer cave! It is 17 x14 inches and renders a beer cave gift bar label on the bottom, the sign is manufactured of bright, neon green plastic and gives a small hole in the middle for a glass. It is again machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant, the Guinness neon sign is an unique symbol of culture and trade that indicates the point when the harp family was founded in dublin, the sign was created in collaboration with Guinness brewery and is unique addition to the city's skyline.