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Flower Neon Sign

We are family-owned business that specializes in creating beautiful Flower neon signs for your bedroom wall decor, we do not use people specific symbol or design, we utilise as much creativity and inspiration as possible. Our signs are designed to make you feel at home and to enjoy your new room.

Flowers Neon Sign

This beautiful cactus Flower wall table shelf lamp is practical for your next desert inspired room, with its neon sign glass sculpture design, this lamp will add a touch of class to your space. Lights up to 6 times a day, making it top grade for a busy night out this is a beautiful, bright neon sign with a round Flower shape, it will add a playful element to your room and light up when you turn it on. The led night light will keep you entertained all night long, this Flower neon sign is an outstanding addition to your Flower garden. It is dimmable neon led sign hanging decoration that will brighten up your environment and make your Flower grow, this beautiful Flower neon sign is a beautiful addition to your bedroom as a neon light sign in the bedroom. The sign grants a14 x10 size and is fabricated of acrylic, it is a top-rated sign for adding color and design to your bedroom.