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Eggplant Neon Sign

Our Eggplant neon sign bistro is a top place to enjoy all the flavors of summer while escaping the heat, with our unique signs and decor, we'll make sure your event is a success.

Eggplant Neon Sign Amazon

This beautiful neon light sign is sensational to show off your or traders sign, the delicate Eggplant hue will make any home come to life. The acrylic sign is on a high-quality wall light with a bright neon welcome to the Eggplant neon sign club! Here at eggplant, we adore nothing more than a good neon sign party! We have a wide variety of neon sign light sandboxes and man to enjoy at our events, whether you're digging for a just a bit of excitement (or a full on party! ) we have everything you need in this room. From eggplant's own beer list to some of the best neon sign light clubs in the area, this room imparts everything you need to have a dark and venture out into the sunset with all your friends, thanks for coming here! The neon sign is excellent to show off your interior with its bright and cheerful colors. This giant glass Eggplant is a top-grade addition to your restaurant or office, these glass neon signs were made for a wall hanging party decor. They are 14 x9 inches and have an 9 inch height, the signs are made from real glass and are light room hanging. They are unequaled addition to each room.