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Dumpling Neon Sign

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Top 10 Dumpling Neon Sign

Dumpling neon sign is outstanding home decoration for any room in your home! With this sign, you can show off your beer bar to success and make addition in the right area to ensure voice and public approval, looking for a fun and exciting dining experience? Don't search more than our 14 x9 chinese Dumpling neon sign light restaurant room decor! This design is puissant for any room that needs a little bit of excitement and chinese characters Dumpling shop wall decor shop open wall decor artwork 14"x9"sign is excellent alternative to add a little bit of color and iconography to your room. Whether you’re digging to operate the sign as an advertising campaign or just to look pretty, we’ve got you covered! This is a top-grade sign for the grocery store! It is colorful and renders a brighter purple hue than the traditional red and green of traditional chinese dumplings, it is produced of durable acrylic and imparts a bright neon light to show their new product. This is a beautiful neon sign and great for a new chinese restaurant in your community, the sign is 14 acrylic beer lamps in all colors and you can choose your own arguably brightest light. The sign is fabricated out of real glass and extends a beautiful neon light sign that shows the brand's logo and the type of the restaurant.