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C7 Corvette Neon Sign

Looking for an unique neon sign? Search no more than the C7 Corvette stingray 2022-19 logo and script neon sign, this sign is first-rate for your C7 Corvette dealership and serves as a valuable reminder for customers of your company's proud neon sign award winners.

Cheap C7 Corvette Neon Sign

Looking for an unique and stylish neon sign clock? Don't look anywhere than the C7 Corvette neon sign clock! This signs is a must-have for any C7 Corvette lover's toolkit, with its stylish neon sign design and hand-carved, indians-themed design, the neon sign clock is a statement piece that will make your living room stand out. The neon sign in this dealer is with a C7 Corvette licensed car garage, the sign is fabricated of neon green and imparts an 30 x20 sign frame. The sign renders a bright neon green and black paint job, the sign is produced of plastic and gives a C7 Corvette license. The sign is ready to operate as a neon sign with an 30 x20 backing, the sign can be used with any C7 corvette. The neon sign extends an 30 x20 sign frame and is fabricated of plastic, if you're wanting for a vibrant and colorful sign for your corvette, then inquire into our C7 Corvette neon sign. This signs and trades-sized sign peerless for making your Corvette show up to places like the garage and the garage light, it gives a bright, vibrant colors and will make sure everyone in the neighborhood knows that you've got a "c7" feeling for driving things. The C7 flags Corvette neon sign is a fascinating addition to each C7 car dealership, this neon sign is composed of high-quality glass, plastic and metal materials that will make your customers feel at the center of your team. The sign is licensed and certified by gm and ul garage wall lamp, it is a top addition for any C7 car dealership.