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Boba Neon Sign

Our Boba tea neon sign is top-of-the-line for adding a touch of luxury to your tea room, made from durable plastic with a beautiful, neon green made paper cover, 3 pcs Boba neon led sign is excellent for any tea-based activity. Choose from a bright green or blacken green finish to create a terrific look for your tea room.

Top 10 Boba Neon Sign

Boba neon is a first-rate place for a caffeine fix, they have a best-in-class selection of bubble tea and coffee drinks. The sign is a top addition to all shop, and is sure to epilepsy-like displays of light as you in, out, over, and under it, a fun and vibrant sign for the future of cafe bar and restaurant! This Boba neon sign will add a touch of fun to scene. The open design means that you can enjoy your drink more and make more friends while the Boba neon light will are with marigold and pink for a bright and vibrant look, the Boba neon sign is a beautiful and appropriate sign for the modern tea house. The sign is produced up of colorful bubble pearls and is filled with led light neon signs, the sign is use to display tea items and also to give an unique and rehabilitative look to a tea room. This neon sign is an unequaled addition to your drink display, it imparts a bubbly pearls look and feel. The light is a neon red and the sign is described with the keywords: "110084 open Boba tea bo bubble pearls drink display led light neon sign", "10 impacts of neon sign.