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Beer Cave Neon Sign

This neon flamingo signs with the blue Beer Cave flamed neon light is sterling for your sultry night out, the sign is 17 x14 inches and contains a paisley pattern on the it is fabricated of durable rubber material and will make a valuable addition to your Beer cave.

Beer Cave Neon Sign Ebay

This Beer Cave neon sign is a first-class sign for the area's who desire to come and explore, it is a mere 14 x10 feet in size and includes a real glass wall to hide the sign. The sign is fabricated from a variety of add-on materials, including plastic, glass, and metal, it is a top-of-the-heap addition to area, and is sterling for letting people know there is a Beer Cave around the corner. The sign is fabricated out of real glass and handcrafted from the latest in metal construction, and is 14 x10 inches in size, it will add a touch of fun to your space and give you and your guests a place to relax and relax. The sign grants a digital color led light system that will make an enticing addition to you or barroom, the sign is 17 x14 inches and is manufactured of dark glass with a neon light system. It is produced of durable plastic and is prime for a noticed in a dark basketball game area.